Matt Hubbard Trio


Nobody's Fault but Mine

by Matt Hubbard

Released 2017
Michabou Music
Released 2017
Michabou Music
Acoustic piano, sparse instrumentation and an old-school vibe embody Matt Hubbard's first foray into gospel music with fresh interpretations of classic spirituals as well as his new song "Lift Me Up" featuring legend Willie Nelson.
Matt Hubbard "Nobody's Fault But Mine"

MATT HUBBARD: piano, organ, trombone, harmonica, guitar, vocals
BRAD HOUSER: bass (1-4, 6)
CHRIS SEARLES: drums (1-4, 6)
ADAM AHRENS: guitar (5, 7), harmonica (5)
JOSH PERDUE: electric guitar (1)
featuring: WILLIE NELSON (vocals, guitar), AMY and PAULA NELSON (vocals), DAVID ZETTNER (pedal steel, bass, guitar), and KEVIN LANCE (drums) on "Lift Me Up"

All songs public domain except "Lift Me Up" by MATT HUBBARD (BMI)

Recorded by MATT HUBBARD at CASA DE MATEO and …
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